Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is The Age Of Romance Over ?

"No, surely not" the cries go up.....
The subject came up while I was talking with a friend last week, both of us trying to lay it on thick about how romantic we were towards our respective wives.

Thing is, it will soon be our wedding anniversary and the plans are in operation to partake in a "second honeymoon", as a surprise for my wife.

My friend told me how he had set up a similar thing a while ago and he recommended that I take a look at this "Great Holiday Site" as he so rightly called it.

I followed his advice and was pleasantly surprised at the great deals on offer. Just about every base is covered on this site when it comes to Romantic, get away from it all breaks.

Problem number one .....Which location do we choose when presented with such a selection?
My first reaction was to go for St Lucia where wew had visited many years ago and had a great time.

Maybe, but then I saw Mauritius, a place we have always dreamed of visiting, scenery which is quite out of this world. Mountain streams surrounded by lush greenery and fantastic beaches might just tip the balance.