Friday, January 23, 2009

And Just For The Wine Lovers........

BERGHEIM , along the Alsatian Wine Route is a classic town in Alsace , France. Its fortifications, baroque fountain and market square make it a real find for wine enthusiasts ,photographers and travel enthusiasts. Bergheim dates back to Roman times.

The town holds a 4 flower ranking as a Village Fleurie (an annual prestigious competition for Flower beautification in Alsatian towns) Bergheim is a perfect place to use as home base for hikers to explore the area. Check out the town's principal wine producer Domaine Marcel Deiss. Bergheim has a local fair each year on the 2nd Sunday of August. Christmas Markets start 1st weekend of December. (11 Kilometers N. from Colmar, one of the largest towns in Alsace.)

KINTZHEIM (Alsace, France) was existent way back in the Merovingian time (450-987). It was a huge royal preserve with a Castle. This castle was first destroyed in 1298 by the powerful troops of the Bishop of Strasbourg. This Castle was again whacked by Swedish troops in 1632. What remains of this ancient beat up castle is used today as a preserve and also a site for shows using birds of prey like falcons. At the foot of the mountain where Kintzheim is located, lies La Montagne where visitors can watch monkeys roam free in the park. The website is Kitzheim has a local fair on the last two Sundays of July. (24 Kilometers N. of Colmar, one of the largest cities in Alsace)

ANDLAU The Alsatian Wine Town of Andlau was founded as a royal Abbey in 880 by Saint Richarde, the wife of Charles the Fat. The Abbaye d' Andlau was consecrated in 1049 and holds the richest ensemble of Romanesque sculpture in all of Alsace France. Legend has it that a bear appeared with her baby cub as a divine sign to show St. Richarde where she should build her Abbaye. For centuries, a bear was kept in the crypt of the Church to ward off evil and as a special sign of Gods blessing for her endeavor. Legend also has it that the skull of Lazarus is entombed within the Crypt of the Church. Historians say this is not Christ's friend Lazarus skull but rather an 8th Century Bishop Lazarus of Cyprus. Andlau is an Alsatian town that holds its weekly market on Wednesday. The town celebrates with a fair the last Sunday of June or the 1st Sunday of July. (Andlau is 40 kilometers SW of the Alsace's largest city Strasbourg, home of the European Unions Parliment), To find out more about Alsace France, visit our website.

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